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The Hollywood writer responsible for delivering us some of the shittiest and laziest written movies and tv series in recent years. Utterly incompetent at writing basic narrative structure and coherent dialogue into his scripts.
His credits include such writing gems as "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" and "Eagle Eye", the utterly retarded turns that "Lost" took in it's later seasons, and of course single handedly destroying the entire "Star Trek" franchise by writing in time travel because he was too lazy to adhere to the cannon. That's two franchises he's destroyed, I wonder what his next target will be!
There's a reason why the majority of his movies are released in the summer, because they are always made of up one dimensional characters, no intelligent dialogue and no character development, but lots of TOTALLY COOL one-liners, explosions, more explosions, hot women, special effects, and explosions.

Because, you know, if your writing a movie with a target demographic of 16 and above, its necessary to also make sure that it could be easily understood and entertaining for 6 year olds. It should basically resemble one long MTV commercial.
Seriously, fuck this guy. If I ever see an ad for another movie that's written by him, I'm not seeing it.
Hi there, I'm Roberto Orci. I'm getting paid millions of dollars a year to dumb down the population of the Western World. (Raises middle finger).
by Beep Beep111 July 18, 2010
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