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Alter ego of Neil Sisko. Always said or written as Robert S. Miller or RobertSMiller, never simply "Robert" or Robert Miller." A perfect name that carries with it perfection in everything it is attached to. An official Robert S. Miller work will always contain "Robert S. Miller (R) 2xxx" along with a hidden authentication symbol.

Interesting facts about Robert S. Miller.
-Member of the "Yo homeslice g" rap team as Merchandi$e, performing with High Definition, Lil' Robesio, Dry Ice and Robbin da' hood.
-Co-wrote the six part epic "Buno knows best" series of plays, books, movies, cassette tapes, and greeting cards.
-Member of the order of Lord Kelvin, Master of Physics.
-Fourth 'Grand Sultan under the Moon' of Garfunkelstan.
-Is good friends with the Arch-duke of Wavecountry, Giovanni Capizzi, Ph.D.
-Most Asian person on Earth.
-Delivers serious Justice to players of "Runescape" and "World of Warcraft."
-Killed Tupac.
-Graduated Oxford with a Ph.D in rough Texas justice.
-Owns a controling stake of Your Mom.
-Kicked the ass of every single living liberal.
-Created the Internet (stolen by Al Gore)

Robert S. Miller is ranked 174.94021 of .00274 to 177.649. on the awesome scale, second only to Chuck Norris, a 178.197, while the average person rankes in at .02174
"RobertSMiller is teh pwnsauce zlol!!!!1!!11!1!1one"



Kick ass.
by RobertSMiller October 12, 2006
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