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A local Roseville, MI born resident now residing in Warren, MI who on a daily basis, rocks the "manstache" and infamous pompadour hair style. Widely known for his random tattoos. He generally is found wearing the the "Roseville Tuxedo" (search on urbandictionary) Owns not only one classical camaro; but TWO. And has a chevy symbol tattooed above his cock. He has bad friends, I wonder who wrote this. His favorite drink is Jim Beam and while intoxicated, you can find him yelling at little kids about not having parents.
Chris-"Hey Robby! Hold your arms up, let me read your tattoos...'Gotta love mom....*on the other arm*..just like dad...' Bahahahaha"

Robby Detgen-"FUCK YOU SIMONE!!"
by Aww Dell July 02, 2011
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