The ultimate comeback for anything anywhere. Even for "Your Mom!", Also used to define something large, fat or humoungous.

No offense to Robs and their moms.
Person 1 : Your face...
Person 2: ROB'S MOM!!

Person 1: Gosh that thing is HUGE.
Person 2: ...Not as huge as Rob's mom!!

Person 1: Your mom!!
Person 2: No, ROB'S MOM!!

Person 1: I want a burger
Person 2: You know who else wants a burger?
Person 1: Oh man! Rob's mom?!

Person 1: I'm as upset as Rob's mom at an all you can eat buffet when the food runs out...
Person 2: OH SNAP!
by Kikki (Keekers) June 10, 2008
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Rob's mom, who resides in Winooski, is the hottest piece o' ass in Winooski. As the butt of 'rob's mom' brand jokes, one must take a suggestive or euphemistic line in a conversation and immediately append the phrase "that's what rob's mom said" because Rob's mom totally gave it up to Malkovsky.
Sexxy Nate: "Hey Rob, did you really go to the deep south for love?"

Rob: "It wasn't love, it was sex."

Sexxy Nate: "That's what rob's mom said."

Rob: "I will kill you and your entire family."
by T-Dog Jenkins March 22, 2005
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