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When you load a bong bowl in the following order.
2.keef layer in the middle
3.more weed on top

This creates a special smoking experience. The bowl can relate to a jr. roast beef sandwich from Arby's. The weed acts as the two buns and the keef is the delicious meat in the middle. The moment you "roast" it, a euphoric feeling overcomes your whole body. It is a mixture of tasting a jr deluxe sandwich and pure love.
"Hey man you got some dank"
"oh i just picked up some fresh doja, i'm about to load a roast keef sandwich, you ready?"
"damn it has been too long since I've had something this dank, I sense that I'll be geeking out very soon, probably grubbin on one of them Arby's sandwiches too"
by rappinNtappin October 02, 2011
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