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Warning: This move is recommended for masters ONLY!

The roadside assistance is a sexual move that needs a bit of preperation and good timeing to pull off. There are some guidlines to follow first.

1.You must be driving on Rt. 80
2.You must be driving in a 4-door sedan with your GirlFriend.
3.You must do this between the hours of 3:30pm - 9:00pm
4.You must pop your tire and manage not to hit any cars and pull off to the shoulder, unscathed.

After you pull off the the shoulder you call AAA (Triple-A). A few moments after you hang up the phone, you start to have sex with you GirlFriend. Once you and your girlfriend are about to climax (have to climax at the same time) you yell "TRIPLE A". At that exact moment the AAA guy has to come up and knock on the window and must reply "Yes?"

If you manage to pull this move off, you will be a god among men.
"So yeah, I was driving on 80 today, and I saw someone doing the roadside assistance, But then that damn cop had to ruin my fun by pulling me over for being stopped on the highway, trying to jack off to the couple."
by Kiji_Otori March 28, 2008
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