(Rag N Bag) to fuck a girl then throw her away, mostly on the first date, without a proper relationship.. similar to fuck n chuck. a one night stand
steve: man, are you going out with that bitch?
andy: nah it was a spare of the moment RNB kinda thing
by dirtysouthener March 16, 2008
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booty shakin music, all you homies jip is cos u dont feel it. it has rythmn, it has beat, it has passion, it's all the singer's feelings summed up into a melody, the lovers language.
Joe - All the things your man won't do - listen to this song and then tell me you don't like RnB, if you don't feel this you're not alive.
by Laura January 15, 2004
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Root n Boot.
When you have sex with someone and barr it afterwards.
"so are you going to see her again?"
"nah it was just an RnB hey.."
by dilemma1 January 28, 2009
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Slang word for someone of Latin American decent. Constructed from "beaner" spelled backwards with the vowels removed.
by JakeP February 28, 2007
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