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Sorta like "I dare you" but you can't back down from it. ever. Once stated it the objective MUST be completed without hesistancy.

Although, once completed you are safe for the next time someone calls "Risky Rat" on you.

Also, if in a limb breaking situation it may not be comepleted dependant on the size of the balls of the person to complete said mission.

Another condition is, if you are walking past someone and somebody says "risky rat" the person it is said to will have to do something to the people walking past.. anything goes.
Guy 1: "Theres a massive shit in the middle of the road"
Guy 2: "Dare you to throw it at a house"
Guy 1: "Nah screw you"
Guy 2: "RISKY RAT"
Guy 1: "Up yours...."
*Guy 1 proceeds to pick up the dookie and throw it at a house"


Guy 1: "Dare you to jump ontop of an oncoming car"
Guy 2: "No thanks"
Guy 1: "RISKY RAT"
Guy 2: "It's too dangerous!!!"


Guy 1: "Look at those nerds..."
Guy 2: "RISKY RAT"
Guy 2: "Shit"
by Naynae&Cloister- December 10, 2009
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