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- an n-word moment but 200 times worse. Instead of being Homogenous it's a bit a Women Theory. It's like having two women beat the living shit out of each other while Snorting Coffee like it's Crack! They usually fight over the stupidest situation..... It could be stuff like: Over a Hot guy, Over the last Husbando Figure in Anime-Cons stuff like that. Unlike the N-word moment this could happen to any 2 women and it's harder to stop once it's started! It is so bad that an average Emo bitch fucks a Dude outside her Race and eats Chocolate chip cookie cake and drinks Redbull for the Aftermath while in the hospital. The other woman well, She goes to Jail and her pussy is Fistbait!
When 2 women come up the street and you guys are like "OMFG, There's a cat fight!" Then this my Friends is
a Rina moment. Being Self-destructive without their Boyfriends or Girlfriends if they were lesbian noticing

Girl #1: Hey, Watch it you dumb Rina Emo!
Girl #2: Bitch, WTF did you just say?
Girl #1: Mother fucker, We're gonna tear some shit up!
Girl #2: Okay your on for it, Bitch! My Name is Rebecca you dumbass!

*Both Women Pull their hairs and starts fighting and ends up using their Purses to bash each other!

Some Security guy: Freeze You Women are under Arrest!
*ignore the Police Citation and the Officer shoots them with a Taser gun*

Rina Moments are Unforseeable, If women had their own category of what Turns a Guy off, They would probably eat Their own Pubic Hair Because It's so bad it's listed as number 3.

1) Child Support

2) Over a Hot Guy

3) Rina Moments

4) Make-up Fights

5)Stripper Club Tips

It's a True Fact and I cannot Lie!
by Arika Cho cho Butterface February 20, 2015
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