The singer Rihanna's fanbase. A group of strong, loyal people who all love Rihanna and have been inspired by her. They usually talk on Twitter. Usually referred to on the social networking site as '#RihannaNavy, #Navy, or Navys'. It's just the same as Lady GaGa's fanbase are known as the 'Little Monsters', Cher Lloyd has the 'Brats', Justin Bieber has 'Beliebers', Nicki Minaj has the 'Barbz and Kenbarbz' Katy Perry has the 'Katy Cats', Beyonce has the 'Beyhive', JessieJ has the 'Heartbeats', and the list goes on.
The RihannaNavy are so strong and loyal to our idol Rihanna! She's inspired every single one of us...THANKYOU Rihanna for everything you do for us! We love you!!!! Navy until I die :P
by BigRiRiFan February 17, 2012
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