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A disease in which one has the strong longing for a Rickenbacker Bass or Guitar. They will constantly look up photos, videos, and reviews of the guitar or bass even if they have already seen it once or twice before. Eventually said person will be able to analyze a fake from a real one in seconds and be able to distinguish the sound from other basses. Sometimes Rickenbacker Fever may lead to purchasing a fake or really beat up Rickenbacker just for the thrill of having one. A victim of said fever will spend most time fantasizing about the guitar and looking for good deals. The acquisition of a couple thousand dollars and purchase of the guitar is the only way to cure the fever for the moment. Also referred to as "Ric Fever"
Guy 1: I got over Rickenbacker Fever! Got me a 4003 yesterday.
Guy 2: I've got Rickenbacker Fever so bad I shake when I see one!
by Jamesworth April 21, 2011
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