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a small city in Wisconsin (about a half hour from Milwaukee) that features many historical landmarks such as..

-Richfield School
-Pioneer Bowl
-CORFU Restaurant
-Sansone's Drugs
-and last but certainly not least, Dairy Queen

-the people of richfield are generally friendly unless you happen to stumble into the Dairy Queen on a busy day.
-the 'Richfield Hobo' will make is montly apperance usually behind the Piggly Wiggly or sitting on a bench at the local Dairy Queen.
-a select few may refer to Richfield, Wisconsin as 'the hood' but what they don't realize is that they have no idea what a real hood is like so it would be in their best intrest to shut their mouth's and go play in traffic.
"Richfield, Wisconsin is straight up hood, dawg."

"...go play in traffic."
by Dylan Gore July 02, 2007
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