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Richelle is a outgoing girl who is never shy. She is kind and caring but can be a bit over-protective of her loved ones and friends. If you are her best friend she will back you up 100% no matter what. She isn't too sporty and doesn't like too many sports but if she finds one she likes, you bet she excels at it. She tries to do everything in her power to always make sure you are smiling and laughing. I believe she is a strong enthusiastic person who cherishes her friends with all her heart. She is sure to make stupid jokes that for some random reason make you laugh. Like all people she loves food, netflix and sleeping. When she feels like it she can be a sloppy pig in her sweats and messy bun. If you say just the right things she will feel so special, so treat her well. Aside from her bright personality she is a beauty. She is so pretty and always dresses to impress. So that's it hope you find a friend like her because I don't know what I would do without.<3
Richelle <3 is amazingly perfect at at looking perfect
by Mainchick<3 May 28, 2018
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