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A guy, who writes Warcraft books/lore.

Well known/hated by Blizzard fans for the creation of The League of Turbo Mary Sues and eye candy soccer moms {Rhonin, Med'an, Krasus, Veressa, and sadly Tyrandre}.

Despite lack of sastisfaction... Blizzard continues to hire him, much to the dismay of the fans...

This leads to many many many suicides per year.

Seriously, don't read the books. Want a sample? Ok....

Pretend, instead of singing, Soulja Boy, Brokencyde, Nickelback and Creed wrote books. Now conbine those books together...

Now you know.
Blizzard Fan: OMFG ITS A NEW WORLD OF WARCRAFT BOOK! Letme see who it's by...
*Buys it*

After reading 1 chapter

Blizz fan:..... Oh my God... you must be merciful... for allowing this person to write this CRAP! *Shoots self*
by Don't Die August 27, 2010
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