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An actor who had a pro-dominate role in the Adult Swim original comedy: "Tim and Eric Awesome Show: Great Job!". He is often referred to as "Pep Pep". His words are often slurred, mispronounced, and usually in a state of minor confusion, even though it seems that he is acting it out. He also had small roles in "Parks and Recreation", "House", "Nip/Tuck", and "Weeds". Dunn passed away on June 4, 2010 due to complications from a stroke.
My Friend: "Hey, have you watched Tim and Eric (Awesome Show: Great Job!) before?"

Me: "Yeah, why?"

My Friend: "I wanted to know who was your favorite actor is on the show."

Me: "I'd have to pick Richard Dunn. The way he acts out his parts just makes the whole show worth watching, you feel me?"

My Friend: "Yep, I agree."
by Joman67 August 21, 2013
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