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The current announcer on The Price Is Right hired by Bob Barker mid-Season 32 in 2004 after previous announcer Rod Roddy's death in 2003 who makes appearances on camera when something funny happens and can be heard laughing off camera.
"But they won't edit out this. Rich was on the wrong page and he said, "It's an upright piano!" announced Drew Carey.
"Hahahahaha...DARN!" laughed Rich Fields.
by WM86 January 09, 2009
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Where Best Buy HQ is. Also where that weird school Holy Angels is.
Ehh. I live in richfield. At least I'm not an Edina snob.
by bowser724 August 16, 2005
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Richfield is an old suburb of Minneapolis consisting of about 35,000 people. The demographic profile is close to 40% asian, 30% black, 20% senior citizens, 10% confused caucasians. Not only is it minutes from MSP Int'l, downtown Minneapolis, home of Best Buy, overshadowed by its snobby-ass neighbor to the west edina but is also an oxymoron.
"I live in Richfield, neither rich or a field"
by Charked March 31, 2005
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Pronounced (r?chβ€’f?ld)
Suburb of Minneapolis, MN. A place where white kids like to complain about being ghetto or full of ethnic populations. While the minority population is certainly growing, it's still the suburbs, whitey.

Home of Best Buy World HQ, Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, and about 35,000 people.
There are many municipal parks and fantastic drinking water in Richfield.
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Richfield is a suburb of Minneapolis, MN. It's racial status as of 2000 is

81.25% White
6.65% African American
0.72% Native American
5.30% Asian
0.04% Pacific Islander
3.41% from other races
and 2.64% from two or more races

The Best Buy corperation headquarters is located in Richfield.
I live in Richfield. It's a nice city, I personally like it. Because of the variety of people, like so many other places. Its not too many blacks, not too many whites not too many of any race. Alot of parts of the city are pretty nice looking.
by Blasphemeroth June 24, 2006
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