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A person with rice withdrawal has stopped eating rice for a prolonged period of time such as a 3-5 days. Rice withdrawal occurs because the body and mind is physically dependent on rice. When rice consumption is stopped, the body craves rice to achieve a state of normalcy. Rice withdrawal is most prevalent in people from cultures and ethnicies in which rice is a significnt portion of their diet.

Symptoms of rice withdrawal are different for everyone. They include but are not limited to dizziness, headache, dry mouth, amnesia, vomiting, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, irritability, insomnia and craving of rice based cuisines, such as Chinese take-out.

The only known cure for rice withdrawal is eating rice.
Mark: What are you craving for dinner tonight?
Sara: Pizza or Chinese food...
Mark: Let's do Chinese...I'm having major rice withdrawal!

Mark: Why do you look so sad?
Marissa: I'm hungry and have had a long week.
Mark: When was the last time you ate rice?
Marissa: Last week
Mark: I think you are suffering from rice withdrawal, where is the nearest PeiWei?!?
by chinkgon August 13, 2011
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