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Rice Wigger is a name that describes the habits some Caucasian men might have or show. Ranging from around 30 to 40yrs of age these males tend to prefer females of Asian persuasion, so much infact that they might quiver in disgust with the very thought of anything but Asians for the rest of their lives. A large majority infact call the us navy their home to further their quest in Asian countries, based out of Japan they create a basis of Asian culture as they take in the pleasures of the Orient. There sole aspect in life is not only to procreate with Asians but to be Asian as well.
Interviews with known Rice Wiggers tell solely on wondrous memories that spread throughout their travels around the pacific they tell solely of bordellos, bar girls, widespread prostitution, soapies, red light districts, and the Asian acquaintances and friends abroad. We find this type of life intriguing yet dangerous, the frivolous behavior of the so called Rice Wiggers is looked down upon by the normal population. We also found that their behavior tends to vary from calm To very angry with verbal attacks and hecklings at ones person, this also is witnessed through their constant jitters and twitches.
by LBL media June 24, 2007
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