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A wild and ridiculous sex act that requires lots of preparation on the man's end. Pre-perpetration, the man creates a rigid, metal, spring-loaded sheath for his penis with a piston system that can shoot back and forth very quickly, like an artificial thrust. It is important that the man has a stature and proportions similar to those of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The female must be at least 8 inches shorter than him. When the time to perform this move, the man gains the female's consent to have regular sex but does not warn her about his mechanical thruster condom. The man then has rough sex in the doggystyle position with the woman until she is seconds from orgasm. Then, in one swift, fluid motion, the man presses the girl's head into the hard ground and assumes position directly over her with his penis pointing down. He then activates the mechanical penis piston system and absolutely fucks her brains out as her head is driven into the ground, creating a large crater as she orgasms but at the same time loses consciousness from the head trauma.
3 people were sent to the hospital after a club handed out free penis rigs. Those goddamn Rhodesian jackhammers!
by DTRJ January 30, 2017
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