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(1a) A derogative slang for an aboriginal, First Nations, or "indigenous", "native", "indian" person., (1b) and who may also have access to reserved land in national states under treaties. (2) Derogative slang for someone who is socially interpreted, or identifies as, (originally) aboriginal, First Nations, or "indigenous", "native", and who also is socially interpreted as performing african-american or black cultural identity. (3) A person who is socially recognized as African-American, or Black, that takes a romantic, sexual, or erotic interest in Native Americans or peoples deemed to be part of the "native" populations in the Americas.
(1) Listerine, a cheap source of alcohol in mouthwash, is a rez nigger's best friend. (2) Who does that rez nigger think he is anyway- Eminem? (3) My aunt Jemima, is a rez nigger who plays Bingo every week to see if she can pick up.
by GAMAT August 26, 2009
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