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A modified set of table-tennis rules, originating from the Rex Bar.

Rule modifications include, but are not limited to:

* Drink any time the score is tied
* Ball is in play off any surface except the ground.
* Failing to touch an in-play ball with your paddle is 2 points for the opponent, unless the hit was done by a 2-handed backhand, in which case it is only 1 point.
* Window washing, while legal, is highly frowned upon due to the awkward and silly position one must take on to perform the move.
* Any ball that passes thru the area between the net and the net post, and successfully lands on the table is an automatic game winner
* Rules modifications must be approved by the founding Rex Committee members, and must have unanimous votes
* All serves must start with the ball in the palm of your hand and must rise at least 6 inches above the palm before being hit. If this does not happen, there is actually no penalty besides constant ridicule and harassment from your opponents and onlookers.
* Rope-a-doping is considered any move where you opponent messes up and you don't, all that needs to be said is "rope-a-dope" and you have successfully performed the move.
* Any time a 2 pointer results in new leaders, the word "rawdge" must be uttered, otherwise it is only 1 point.
* A dribbler is when the ball hits the net and barely makes it to the opponents side of the table. While technically a 2 point shot, it is under review by the Committee and is considered general slop.
"Serving: 4 to 5. Oh yeah, I hit a slam and you missed, now its 6-5. #rawdge."
"What you talking about dude? It's 5-5 now."
"Nah, brah, this is Rex Rules!"
by bdollarsign December 08, 2017
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