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The Revolutionary Left is the furthest point on the left-wing side of the political spectrum. It is generally considered to consist of three main beliefs: socialism, communism, and anarchism. Revolutionary Leftists are opposed to ideas such as capitalism, social classes, and organized religion, and believe that a revolution of the working class is necessary in order to create an egalitarian society with complete statelessness, classlessness, and equality among all people.

Unfortunately, the greedy money-grubbing CEOs and politicians of America, the very few people who actually benefit from capitalism, have slandered the Revolutionary Left with gigantic amounts of propaganda and convinced many members of the working class that Revolutionary Leftists are "evil." Slowly however, the Revolutionary Left is coming back into style, with a recent poll indicating that one third of Americans prefer socialism, communism, or anarchism to capitalism, and another third saying they are unsure.
Don't believe what the rich businessmen and politicians tell you; the Revolutionary Left is the only political ideology based around the needs of the common working class people.
by Anticitizen Two December 10, 2009
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