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When a person in a relationship, generally the male, who starts to become MORE romantic as the relationship goes past the dating phase, and maybe even start years after. Generally, people tend to be romantic only in the very beginning of their relationships, and become less enthusiastic and romantic for the remainder of the relationship. A Reverse Romance situation would be the opposite of that.
"Usually I date men that start romantic, but stop being romantic in about 2 months into our relationship. Dennis didn't start getting truly romantic until we were married! He opens my door now, buys me flowers, and even treats me like a queen. I asked him "why now"?, and he said he would rather give me a genuine lifetime of romance, than just the temporary romance most guys show in the beginning. He wanted our relationship to be more fun, romantic, and get BETTER with time. I love Reverse Romance!"
by DennisLovesRachelle May 12, 2010
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