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Reverse game is a tactic oft-used by younger/immature people, but is also found in people of any age who have an ineptitude when it comes to conveying interest to the opposite sex with the hopes of garnering their interest in return. While this condition afflicts women as well, it is much more prevalent in men. The tactic can best be described as the situation when Person A speaks negatively about Person B, who they deem to be a threat to their romantic interests, to Person C (who is most commonly the person toward which said romantic interest is directed, though may also be a person through which Person A believes his message will be delivered to said person of interest). This tactic is used by people who have absolutely no class, or social skills, to try to help bolster their own stock.
"Dude, I can't believe Brad is running reverse game on you with Ashley, what a douche bag."

In the world of gentlemen, and guys' guys, running reverse game is among the worst offenses of the code.
by MarkyJay February 18, 2014
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