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Nothing to do with a cougar in training, this a stubbly-faced freak who after 11:07 PM (ET) will be all up in your grill (assuming you are a good looking lady who is younger than himself) about a late night hookup. That would be a Bobcat.

But in the case of a REVERSE Bobcat, like others in the cat family, once it has captured its prey and has the capability to do with it what it will : nothing interesting happens. It was all meow, no claws.
"That older guy over there, Steve McFeelington seems like a good fellow, Margaret. Mayhaps you and him should haveth a roll in thy hay."

"No way, Cindie - Trisha said he's a total reverse bobcat. I don't want no scrubs. A scrub is a reverse bobcat who won't get no love from me."
by Mr. Andersons September 21, 2009
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