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Giving Credit to a resource that you did not use at all, in order to achieve the minimum amount of required outside sources needed for a research paper or project.
"How did you get all your sources for the History paper?"

"I used reverse plagiarism on some books I found on Google and amazon."
by Greenbird60 May 29, 2009
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Citing someone else for an idea that you came up with, if only to make it sound like a legitimate idea. This is the opposite principle to normal plagiarism, which involves portraying someone else's idea as your own. Neither is recommended.
Lazy student: Hmm. I think tax cuts for the wealthy were a bad idea. But where can I find support for that?

Student's work:

"Albert Einstein stated that President Bush should not have cut taxes for the wealthy. 'The actions of Herr Bush led to unsustainable budget deficits,' he wrote. Martin Luther King agreed, saying to thousands on the Mall, 'I have a dream . . . that President Bush's tax cuts will be revoked by a Democratic Congress.'"

Professor (reading essay): ????? I haven't seen students use reverse plagiarism for 34 years!
by Turmfalke December 02, 2010
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