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is intolerance by any person or group against members of a group commonly thought of as intolerant. Groups may be defined in terms of race, gender, ethnicity, class, political party, religion, or other factors. This intolerance may seek to redress social injustices under which tolerant groups have had less access to power enjoyed by the intolerant group. The label reverse intolerance may also be used to highlight the intolerance inherent in extreme political programs. Reverse intolerance can be defined as the unequal treatment of members of the commonly known intolerant groups resulting from preferential patterns, as in the rise of any idea not belonging to the new intolerant group, intended to remedy earlier intolerance against the latter.
I was the subject of reverse intolerance when I got punched in the face at a rally I walked through downtown by someone claiming I wasn't being tolerant of their views. How would they know what my views are without asking me? Seems pretty intolerant to me.

Even though I'm a middle class hard worker holding 2 jobs to make ends meet, because of the nice car my parent's gave me I was shown reverse intolerance at the gas station for being greedy by someone yelling at me, "Nice car, who'd you screw over to climb that corporate ladder?".

There appears to be no end to reverse intolerance, it's everywhere. After I redefined who I was as a person in my 30's, I realized I'm intolerant of my new self because I used to not tolerate my old self. I used to be intolerant. I still am, but I used to too.
by Imakemymemes August 07, 2018
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