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The act of representing yourself in a misleading way, on-line, for the purpose of securing a date with a person older than you.

In essence, reverse grooming is an about turn on the familiar stereotype of the groomer - the most important differences being that it is legal and completely wholesome. Where your typical groomer of young people will use an excessive amount of explanation marks, smiley faces and abbreviation in communications, and display a recently acquired knowledge of the current music/TV/film tastes of young people, the technique of the reverse groomer is almost the exact opposite. Out goes the faux-poor grammar, smilies and explanation marks, and in comes an increased attention to grammar and punctuation, and a recently acquired knowledge of wine, theatre and expensive locations for mini-breaks.
Reverse Grooming in action:

“Wot u doin sat nite – wont 2 have sum fun?? LOLZ!!!!! :-) :-) ;-) ”



My property manager has just confirmed that the Tuscany farm house will be free in the Autumn. I realise that we have yet to meet, but there’s no doubting the connection between us my petal. If you are as beautiful in person as you are in your photographs I would love to take you there for a long weekend. After all, what better place to drink wine and discuss culture than the birthplace of the italian renaissance?”
by Tom_135 May 03, 2011
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