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1) An individual whose filth, defined through character, action, or disposition, equals or surpasses that of the liquid leaving a womans vaginal cavity after a thorough douching. Marked by bacteria, unclean particulate matter, and often a slight fishy odor.
2) An individual marked by an exaggerated sense of self-confidence, compounded by a diminutive intellect, behaving unreasonably absurd in social situations with no sense of what an ignoramus one appears to be.
Can often be found living at home with mommy and daddy, trolling the internet for dates, wearing sunglasses at night, a popped collar, sideways hat, attempting to appear younger than one actually is, seeking companionship out of ones intellectual/age/social strata

Girl 1: I saw your ex-boyfriend at a party this weekend.
Girl 2: Oh yeah?
Girl 1: He was wearing a pink shirt with a popped collar, a sideways hat, and was hitting on an underage girl.
Girl 2: Whatever, he is 31 and still lives at home with his mommy. He is such a reverse douche.

by Jakira March 21, 2009
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