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A girl who is always bummy; she always wears reunion tee shirts-- either current or from years ago. Usually with the tee shirt, she will wear bad-fitting jeans (even mom-jeans look better'n the ones this girl wears). Also, he hair is never done. She is usually ugly and has no charm whatsover. She just throws on anything to cover up-- never mind the fit or the size or the gender it's made for; she might be called an offie; she'll never be called a belle-laide or jolie-laide.
Marleigh: I don't dress too dressy, yet I don't dress too bummy. I'm right in the middle. My "bummy" is never as bummy as Reunion Tee Shirt Girl.

Sue: Yeah, you'd never catch me looking like the REUNION TEE SHIRT GIRL. My bummy-ness goes as far as jeans and a v-neck, fitted tee.

Marleigh: Yeah, shoot me if I ever get like Reunion Tee Shirt Girl
by CHEE CHEE LOVES THE NORTH September 07, 2008
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