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1. When an author or publisher decides to vanquish a story element that has long been considered canon or historic to the story line.

Possibly out of neglect to the potential story line the element could have provided, but ultimately was wasted. However it may also be that the plot element or historic piece of the story was highly unpopular, and was erased from the story to appease the target audience.

2. A roiling sea of fire, with litanies of anguish pouring out from the multitude shitsack plot twists condemned to an eternity of torment. Where unholy black mass is held in honor of the retcon devil, and unholy communions of bad plot wafers and poor penmanship wine are served, while millions of little plotline babies scream from the fiery chasms below.
"I hope that Wolverine Origins comic rots in Retcon Hell!" (It obviously hasn't, although the movie and comic versions of his past don't match up...)
by DracArgente August 11, 2010
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