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Retarded orgasm is what sometimes occurs while or sometimes, even after sex. If a girl (or in a rare case, a boy) makes a funny sound or face while in a climax, has a brain-dead expression, and drooling uncontrollably, you know they just achieved a retarded orgasm.

Has a lot of reasons why it happens; the most typical reason is they had it their first time, or hadn't gotten any sex for a great amount of days. Still, there are more reasons or explanations for that.
Zane: Yes, it was a great night with Joan.
Michael: Right, I even saw that one. But can I ask you one thing? Why did Joan looked and sounded retarded?
Zane: I know. What you just saw is a retarded orgasm.
Michael: Retarded orgasm?
Zane: My girl missed me and the good ol' fashioned fucking that I give her. And she's been waiting for it for a long time.
Michael: That explains it.

*Last night, on Zane's room, Michael walked in without knocking, seeing them having sex in bed by accident*

Michael: Just going to get my phone's charger and I'll be go- Huh?

Joan: OH YEAHAOOAH! DON'T STAHP BABEHH *drooling uncontrollably, with a retarded expression on her face*
by Demendes April 24, 2014
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