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What one would consider oneself if they found their male or female counterpart. Can vary from different people but counterparts must have several similar traits to each other with the exception of gender. Originates from the fact that the restroom has a sign which shows a man and a woman looking almost alike.

It's nothing to be ashamed of because it meant that there's someone like you out there. But if you had someone who's the member of the opposite sex and you both were too much alike, it might be freaky.
Girl A: Hey, I found out about one of our favorite musicians biography.
Girl B: Well what is it?
Girl A: It says here he's into films about dogs, has Caucasian and Hispanic ancestry, and he's professional at dancing.
Girl B: *Looks at the info* Oh dear....I think I might become a restroom sign because of that.
Girl A: Now that's interesting.
by Mariposa24 August 11, 2012
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