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1: A word used by a male who does not generally respect women, and refers to them all as "bitch" or "hoe", to refer to one that he claims to respect.

2: A term used to signify a woman who such a bitch, and so totally at peace with being a bitch, that you have to respect her love of the game.


1: The simple act of switching from well mannered to bitchy for little or no reason.
"Eh yo girl. You the typea' bitch I repect. You's a respectabitch."

"Man, Tanisha started shit wit' me at da' club again. Fixin' to piss me off, but fuck it. She's a respectabitch through and through."

The date between Edward and Tosha seemed to be going well, and she was perhaps the nicest girl he had ever met. However, he forgot to hold the car door for her. She went instant respectabitch, ruining the rest of the date with her pissy attitude.
by Hawndarrzlinkplitzx February 27, 2018
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