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A rare, also extremely fanatic and inept fan of the otherwise-excellent Resident Evil game series, which is an awesome game, and most of its fans are pretty cool, but occuasionally there's the Resident Evil dick who is an extremist on the position of the first few games, but draws a line in the sand at Resident Evil 4, constantly moaning about how it doesn't have zombies, that the story isn't RE enough, and how its an embarrassment to the Resident Evil series, and usually go on the same way about Resident Evil 5.

As cool as the RE games prior to RE4 are, you can always count on the Resident Evil dicks, usually on Internet message boards, to be rude, inept and generally mean-spirited to anyone who basically isn't a nerd, and acts like their somewhat esoteric knowledge of things is supposed to be evident. Resident Evil dicks tned to act very cool, but are really nothing more than stereotypical nerds who complain about RE4 not being Re enough. Also like to randomly attack other people.
Resident Evil dick: "WAAA! RE4 doesn't have zombies, and the story isn't enugh like the originals! It should be the same damn thing, all the damn time! WAAA!!"
Normal RE fan: "Dude, it's all Resident Evil"
Resident Evil dick: "Shut up, stupid!"

Resident Evil dick: "Haa! LOL, you didn't know that Claire Redfield goes down a staircase in RE: Code Veronica that twists right and not left! What are you, retarded?!"
Normal RE fan: "That's pretty esoteric, not exactly common knowledge."
Resident Evil dick: "Shut up, stupid!!"

Normal RE fan: "Resident Evil series is awesome."
Resident Evil Dick: "Yeah, but not RE4!! It doesnt have real zombies LOL!!! WAAA!!!"
Normal RE fan: "You're an embarrassment to the fanbase, you know that, RE-dick?"
Resident Evil Dick: "I put you on ignore!!"
by PupilOfStephenKing February 23, 2009
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