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What started out as an amazing survival horror game, in which you played as Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine in order to try to escape a zombie filled mansion. The series got even more awesome with the release of Resident Evil 2, which starred Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield; you must control these two in order to escape Raccoon City and save Sherry Birkin. The Series got a little worse upon the release of Resident Evil 3, but at least this game stuck to the normal camera views and had actual fucking zombies in it. Now we're getting into some shit with Resident Evil 4, because while this game was fun and still is fun to this day, it is a major disgrace to the series. Resident Evil 5 is just another generic action shooter... nuff said. and last but not least the shittiest of them all... Resident Evil 6... This game is an action shooter to say the least.. With no puzzles, no scares, and what irritates me the most is no stand still shooting.. (like 1-5) Resident Evil has had it's fair share of shit spin offs and its fair share of good ones, so i'm not even gonna get into that.

Also there are some pretty shitty movies out. These do not include Resident Evil, Resident Evil Apocalypse, or any of the animated movies.
Resident Evil Series in a Nutshell

Douche Dick: Hey wanna go play Resident Evil 6, it'll be fun we can solve all the puzzles and get really scared.

Fred: Fuck no, and fuck you... I'll play Resident Evil 2.
by Capone479 July 30, 2013
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