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Reservoir High School aka 'Resi' is located off of highway 29 in Fulton, MD. It's the second wealthiest high school in Howard County and is know for their students' wild house parties, constant drama, soccer team, snobby mean girls, and few wannabe rednecks. Their mascot is the Gator and is known to have a very diverse group of students.
Guy #1: "Dude you date that girl from Reservoir high school? They have the baddest girls"
Guy #2: "Yeah man she's a gator"
Guy #1: "I bet she's a freak bro"

Girl #1: "I think that kid goes to resi"
Girl #2: "I hate them, they're all bitchy there and they all think they're too good for everyone.
Girl #1: yeah that's true. Their soccer teams are amazing but everyone there is always in too much drama
by Jake auxworth November 02, 2013
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