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If he writes a letter - It's too lanky
If he CC's an email - It's too vague

If he offers a suggestion - he's Mr Know it all
If he remains quiet - he's counterproductive

If he seeks consultation - he's incompetent
If he doesn't - he's too puffed up

If he asks a colleague for free aide - he's a niggardly
If he doesn't - he's a swaggering bigot

If he explores through observation - he's an eavesdropper
If he doesn't - he's a saunterer

If he motivates via communication - he's a long winding road
If he doesn't - he's undermining the upper cut

If he tracks workers performance - he's relishing intimidation
If he doesn't - he's blamed for loss of revenue

If he accounts for miscellaneous expenditure - he's a brownnoser
If he doesn't - he's a tarrying fiduciary

If he dismisses an unproductivity - he's a bunghole
If he doesn't - he's a corporate drone

If he points out flaws and weaknesses - he's a wrist slapper
If he doesn't - he's showing favouritism

If he speaks up to injustice - he's a racist frontman
If he doesn't - he's sheepish for one own's head

If he resigns - there's a conspiracy shame
If he doesn't - he's a walk over just like rest

If he wields his leadership - he's another Hitler
If he doesn't - he's the former Barack Obama
by Johann Bernoulli May 31, 2018
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