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Worn by sports douches when they refuse to believe their team/player did something wrong even when video replay CLEARLY showed the flag/call was correct and 5 million viewers with IQ's above a hamster's can easily agree with it.
Referee: "After further video review, the players foot was out of bounds; pass is ruled incomplete."

Sports Douche: "What?! How can that be. He was clearly in bounds. The ref couldn't see the difference between the guys white shoes and the white sideline... That's a bull s#^t call! And why the hell did the coach even call that play...?"

Objective Observer: "Dude, sit the hell down, shut up and take off those Replay Rose Goggles. He was clearly out of bounds. The video replay CLEARLY showed it, you dumbass! It's guys like you that make me want to root against our team..."
by Beech_nuts September 15, 2009
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