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A hair style common among young homosexuals used often as an expression of their feelings. The style consists of a shaved head with a large tuft on top, generally towards the back side.

The Rent Boy Handle first began as an advertising device employed by rent boys to express they are willing to serve.

If one wishes to acquire the services of the said rent boy they must tug on the rent boy handle three times to begin negotiations.
1. I am so angry, I tugged on his rent boy handle three times and he just ignored me.

2. When you are drunk tonight we are going to give you a rent boy handle.

3. The Rent Boy Handle changed my life, I get so much more work and I can hardly walk as a consequence

4. The old man tugged on the rent boy handle three times lovingly, never had the boy been filled with such passion for a customer before
by krazne crab hands April 28, 2010
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