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A girl that is in the class of 2005 at baldwin that, though an awesome person, and pretty hot, is generally regarded as a wierd druggie slut. this is due to the fact that she is different from all other girls at her school, and better, therefore they get jealous and create ridiculous rumors to try and bring her down.

she has also been known to be able to have any guy at the snap of a finger, and is the master of using men in the classiest way possible, leaving them wanting more.

perks: she's bi, likes football, and has incredible wit, not to mention will be the first person to suggest going to a strip club or something similarly fun.

cons: screw her over one too many times and you'll wish you were never born. few have been subjected to this, but the last person that did ended up getting expelled from haverford for reasons partly due to events that took place after he did, in fact, screw her over one too many times.
"hey, isin't that..."
"yeah, that's remy- one person you can believe the good hype about"
by anonymous00213 May 05, 2005
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