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Also referred to as relation-shades, this is a severe or extensive blindness to some unfavorable aspect of your partner or relationship which is undetectable to you, but completely obvious to everyone else. Relationship shades usually cloud your ability to see your partner for who he or she really is. Common personality traits which are susceptible to being unseen due to relation-shades include: passive-aggressiveness, extreme jealousy, militant disposition while in the company of any of your partner's friends, and straight-up bitch.
Man, your girlfriend is such an overprotective jealous bitch to anyone who comes within two feet of you.

What are you talking about? She isn't anything like that.

Tell that to the chick she punched out last week for smiling at you, I'm surprised you can see ANYTHING through those damn relationship shades.
by CGOguitarist May 25, 2011
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