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(n) The combined garbage you left at a movie theatre that later ferments into what is known as "regal juice". The lonely nachos you paid $15 for and still refused to eat. The dehydrated soy bean oil disguised as "buttery topping" that you incisted be layed five times with popcorn that has never touched a popcorn scoop. The juice from your wasted (and racist) "señor Carlos" jalapeños. The sad suicide slushy you demanded to be mixed in a specific order. The gray ketchup left on the remainder of your green hotdog. If you don't take your gallon sized cup home to bring back later for free refills; the dribbles of your Coke Zero mixed with regular coke (if you're on a diet, you're doing it wrong).

All this stews at the bottom of trash cans, trash compactors, "wooshs", and "tanks". If you have ever worked at a Regal Theatre, you know exactly what regal juice smells like, and how sad it is when you get any on you.
Usher 1: "Dude! I was throwing that trash bag into the compactor and the discount trash bag broke open and spilled all over me!"

Usher 2: "seriously, you can smell the regal juice a mile away. Too bad you can't go home to take a shower, it's Christmas and we still have 13 hours left in the shift."
by Hunchnia January 03, 2017
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