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From the latin:

Rutilus Chapter

A slag term for the redness that occurs arond the asshole of an individual who consumes by will or otherwise a hot and or spicy curry or any indian dish, leading to a burning sensation requiring the need for ice cubes or if the owner of said red chapter plans correctly toilet role from the refrigerator to be placed on the asshole till numb.

Rutilus Chapter is the root of many such words in the championship curry eating community such as follows:

Ring Sting
The Devils Eye
Black Beards Curse
SANJEEV: "Oi dave , curry time as always tonight im cooking know i bring on the red chapter like no other man"

DAVE: "yeah man you dam right im game for that, aint no black beards curse gonna put me off tasting some of that curry love"

JIM: Now then lads bring on the spice, Red Chapters all round, fresh tray of ice cubes and cooled toilet paper aint gonna catch this big man with the devils eye
by Leeroys pet parrot January 06, 2010
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