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noun, (eean heart-so) Someone who is absolutely implorable, and mildly retarded, whom all insults refer to (eg. dick, ass, retard, hoe, jenny the pump, hussy, fuck-tard, deuch bag, deuch nozzle, ect...) Who thinks their, "god's gift to humanity." This person would also claim to have the best, your mom jokes, when really he's a novice at best. This person also has red hair, and a mild lisp. He is also VERY attractive! With a very small penis. He is also very weak and could have the living crap beat out of him at any moment, even if someone so much as sneezed. He also may have the STD ghanna-herpa-siphill-itis.
1) Stop making, your mom jokes they suck... you are acting like an Red Headed Hartsoe.
2) Wow you need to stop or else I'm gonna beat you down, your acting like Red Headed Hartsoe.
3) (female) He looked good, but was actually a Red Headed Hartsoe in the pants. Stay away from that guy.
(female friend) I never would have known!
by Steve James Gates August 22, 2008
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