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A sexual act - When a vampire jizzes on a fish's mouth and a Wookie uses the fish to wank you off.
Tracy, "To celebrate my EGOT, I'm gonna have myself a Red Harrison"

Kenneth, "What's that Mr. Jordan"

Tracy, "K: you fish out the trout in my tank and pleasure yourself on it's mouf. Grizz, you take the fish when Kenneth's done and give it to the dancer with the extra finger. Dotcom, you stick these Cinnabon's on your head and stand in the corner and look jealous while I use my black pole to catch Roshanicka's fish."


"At the high dollar night club, Nosferatu relieved himself on the trout's mouth and tossed it to the chained Wookie so he could begin work on the new customers"
by AstronaughtMikeDexter January 01, 2012
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