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This is yet another word that has originated from Hoffman Estates High School. If you enter the cafeteria you first see circle tables and further back are the rectangle tables. This word describes the people who sit here.

1. The very first row of rectangle tables are usually where your nobodies, outcasts, or wannabe circle table kids sit.

2. The rectangle tables to the far right are where your "ghetto" black people, Hispanic, and a few select white people sit. Most of the fights happen here and you can usually see people either: braiding hair, singing off key, dancing ridiculously, or just talking abnormally loud.

3. As you go further back, closer to the middle is where your preps and jocks sit. Most (not all) preps that sit here are very judge-mental and are cheerleaders. Your jocks usually consist of football players who can't win a game. It is strange on how HEHS is good in every other sport but football.

4. Further back is a very special select table that is right next to the lunch line. This single table is usually overrun by the "I think I'm better then you" annoying seniors. These seniors think they run the high school and have law above everyone else, but alas they don't.
"Did you see that fight with the lock?

----Yeah. Why are Rectangle Table Kids so violent?"

"Who's yelling?
-----Oh just those stupid Rectangle Table Kids."

"Man last nights football game sucked. 46 to nothing, come on."
by Rectangle Table Kid September 21, 2009
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