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Recon is a shortened form of the military term reconnaissance which is defined as the clandestine exploration of an area to gain information.

Recon Sunshine is rain, wind, cold, hail, or other uncomfortable weather elements that makes people not want to be outside. Thus you are alone and the weather noise covers some of the noise a reconnaissance team might make while traveling, usually at night. Recon Sunshine saves lives by eliminating the quantity and motivation of sentries, guards, patrols, and other who might happen across a reconnaissance team.

When the weather is bad outside there are less guards, and passer bys in the area who would otherwise need to be avoided by a special operations force or special missions units. (USMS Recon, Army Rangers, Special Forces, DevGru, Delta, Force Recon, Snipers, Seals* max effective range 500 m, STA, forward observers, Air Combat Controllers)
Thursday night the weather report is calling for wind driven rain. We will begin out reconnaissance patrol then under the cover of night and Recon Sunshine.
by Tonuff May 08, 2013
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