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It means people that like to smoke ciggs and and smoke dirty weed and drink beer to up their hardcore status and be noticed while doing it at the rec center

They also like to date younger children

Example: 18 year old with a 13 year old (not cool)

And most of the time there favorite band to listen to is SlipKnot

They also run into the street for no reason and in their ripped up jeans and ripped up sweatshirts

These people are not well liked at all in schools and they are also frowned upon in the community

The area of congration for these type of people are in Waupaca,Wisconsin
Wow look at that little Rec Center Ratts running across the street

Look at those little Rec Center Ratts smoke ciggs

Damn i wish i was a little Rec Center Ratt!!!!

Wow that Little Rec Center Ratt hanging out with her 21 year old boyfriend
by Whiteswitch20 May 14, 2010
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