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One who has chosen a religion, merely because it contradicts the religion forced upon them by their parents or an outside source. Regardless of the beliefs themselves or any positive content of the religion, a rebel religious will choose something of a contrary nature in an effort to passive aggressively strike back at the person/persons who pushed religion upon them.

This is brought on by seeing a great division between what the parent preached and how they behaved, in essence a hypocrisy in the pusher, or simply a response to childhood Narcissism with an inability to cope with the fact that adults are flawed. Therefore to punish the parent for not living up to their ideal, they choose another path by going to the opposite extreme.

A rebel religious is also characterized by severe criticism of the religion they once ascribed to.
Kevin was the son of a Baptist preacher turned rebel religious, when he became Hindu.

Tom was rebel religious when he became Jewish after being raised to hate Jews by his Muslim parents.
by Lindsay Archer June 16, 2007
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